Childhood · Teenagers

A Teenager’s Prattle

I miss those days when:

When being polite was not considered flirting.

When Lab meant ”YAAAY”

When everything was good, nice but the word awesome wasn’t used for every single thing.

When one could talk nonsense and act like idiots before the whole class.

When conversations were face to face.

When one had silly fights and made up the next day.

When studying was actually loads of fun.

When one did not hear the same topic of conversation around him/her – about the opposite gender.

When the only words rhyming with luck were buck, duck, muck, suck, and tuck.

When planning a small outing was a GREAT thing.

When decisions were easy – Inky Pinky Ponky

When it didnt matter what one wore or looked like.

When low marks made us cry.

When the little homework we had was done on Friday and did whatever one liked the WHOLE weekend.

When watching tv meant cartoons and kiddy stuff instead of secret life and other crap.

When we used to ask our elders for permission on every trivial thing.

When eating pizzas or burgers meant that we were extremely lucky.

When birthdays were as blasty as a blast could be and opening presents was like a race against time.

When we learnt and rewrote the teacher’s answers in the exams.

When chocolate or borrowing a pencil, scale, sharpener etc. meant becoming friends.

When crying was not something to be ashamed of.

When kids played vivacious games outdoors instead of violent ones on the computer.

When meeting meant playing and talking and not a phone – staring competition.

When loans were great and terrible things that had to be repaid immediately.

When two simple gestures could dissolve ego and resolve friendship.

When everyone was friends with everybody.

When class leaders actually had something to do.


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