Why I actually love the Harry Potter series

Harry Potter. The extraordinarily famous boy who is not going to lose his popularity in the near future. I sure hope not.

There are so many stories of kids and teens suddenly discovering their super hidden magical powers, and the consequent adventures. But somehow, (and I’m saying this in an unbiased way), nothing delights me more than the Boy Who Lived. While other magical characters belong to some fantastical world where their magic is not out of the ordinary, Harry belongs to our world, which makes his magical story extraordinary, supermagical.

Harry lives in a world with things like trains, newspapers, and post. A world we can relate to. And in spite of being so far from realistic (I’m waving my wand right now and shouting my favorite HP spell; nothing’s happening), this ordinary world within and beyond Harry’s wizarding world makes it feel so real; something makes it feel like this would be really great if it did happen (I’m one of those who actually excitedly made their own acceptance letter). Hogwarts is an actual school, with exams and teachers and what not.

Harry’s situations and feelings, especially in the 4th, 5th and 6th books are real and relatable. He does not want responsibility; responsibility is thrust on him. He doesn’t have much of a choice, really, but to finish Voldy or let Voldy finish him. Haven’t we all felt atleast once that the world is unfair that we don’t get to make choices we want to make? Harry feels that he is a marked man in the 5th book and no one can understand his situation – tumult that every teen feels now and then. His reactions and feelings are real because they are not exaggerated or euphemised.

What did the Harry Potter books teach me? That sometimes, you don’t get to make a choice, but you can choose to follow the path you have to take because you couldn’t choose another path. Dumbledore’s insistence that love conquers all. Friendship is based on quality and not quantity. We make mistakes, we all do, but we can turn back at some point or the other (Ron). That bravery comes from within. That things may never be what they seem (Bless ol’ Snape). I could go on like this.

But for me, the bottom line is, I love the series. I love the characters, the impossible within the possible, and the Greatest Witch of All JKR 🙂 Who else could create such an elaborate plot and make every page interesting, make a reader read the same book again and again that he/she can quote from it? 🙂 And beautifully bring out all those lessons of life? 🙂


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