Talking like Jaques…oh well.. :)

No matter what life throws upon you, smile. Because, it’s your one weapon that can surprise yourself and the world in the midst of sadness and pain.

Nothing is ever fixed, constant and permanent. Now, these three words mean the same, but I’m writing them to emphasize how much we think the world is. Well, it takes a long time to get wise to this fact even when it stares you right in the face. The world and its people are constantly torn asunder by the tumultuous winds of change, and we (well, most of us, including myself) look for shelter instead of taking the opportunity to blow away freely, or to fly a kite in the gale. That is because it is really hard.

There are many different kinds of people in the world. Some are total hypocrites. Some will remember that you exist only when they need you. Some remember you only when they are free. Some remember you when they talk behind your back. Some remember you after ages, because out of sight is usually out of mind for them, and they remember you only when they miss you. But there are some, who are selfless, who miss you when they are having fun (now, that’s real affection), will always be free for you and will never change their behavior towards you, despite the other changes in their attitude and priorities, who will do everything within their reach to help you and make you happy.

There is a question running wild in many heads: If one should help others wholeheartedly to make them happy, what will the others do with their lives?

One can help himself/herself and be satisfied, but not content. No doubt, his/her requirements will be fulfilled if he or she cares about themselves solely. If each person helped his or her neighbor wholeheartedly, as if he were caring about himself/herself, then happiness comes free with each minute act. But, it is bad to be too attached to people, because no matter how awesome the world seems, we must look beyond the sugarcoated layer and realize that the world is harsh. It is rude. It does not wait for you and everyone has to constantly run behind someone or something. Remember what Tagore said? ‘We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest proofs against it, until it escapes, draining our veins.’ (I don’t really grasp its full meaning, but I’m just inserting it here. 🙂 )I love this quote: Sometimes, you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve. 🙂

That’s all I have for now.


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