Quest to Create a New Blog Post

Okay, here I was, quiet and keeping my blog quiet, when my friend asked me to get rid of this dormancy and sit up, write something, keep the blog going.

‘All right,’ I said, and shot back at her, ‘All right. What should I write?’ This question hung in the air as she struggled to come up with something. ‘I don’t know, it’s your blog anyway,’ she said and made a quick getaway from the topic. But I continued to think. Maybe she was right. Maybe I must post something new. About what, again?


True, that. But I had to try. And there my Quest began.
I sat and thought for a long time, but no idea decided to spend some time in my head. So I went around, asking for suggestions. One suggestion on asking people for suggestions about something you want to do : Don’t.
When you hear a suggestion that you don’t really prefer, you’ll have to act like it’s one of the most amazing ideas ever that anyone has given you so that the person does not feel hurt. Which is really good (you asked for it, anyway), but then your mind starts running on elimination mode. And after that, nothing is perfect. And so it happened to me.

‘Why don’t you post some recipes?,’ ,’You can write about some great, inspiring person.’, and ‘Write a report or something,’. In my mind, the reply was, ‘All that has been done, I want to write something new, you know, something of my own…thanks anyway.’ But my reply was ‘Whoa. That’s a great idea. I’ll think about it, thank you so much!’

And so, that track went kaput. Had to find another way of finding an idea. 🙂 Maybe I could write about some dream I had? Nah. I went through my previous posts for inspiration. Nothing there.

Yep, that is totally how I felt, looking for an idea. I went through other blogs, too. But there wasn’t any point in doing that, because the idea, as aforementioned, had to be mine.
This was getting crazy! It was like a dog chasing its own tail over and over. I thought, thought and thought, but I always ended up on the same street – a blinking cursor, a white page, and a bored writer. Hmm.
This is no way to write, I realized. Writers don’t pounce on good ideas, good ideas pounce on them, by a sudden stroke of luck, from a brainwave, or from something sudden and unprecedented they land on. Creative inspiration isn’t something you can get or dispose of easily, like tissues or something. (Bad comparison, I know, but still. 😛 ) I remembered how firmly an idea had caught hold of me until I implemented it in my post, the last time I wrote. I must have that ‘wow, I can’t seem to control the creative juices in my head’ moments.
Okay, I thought. ‘I’m going to close my laptop,’ As I started to do so, bells rung in my brain.

The only idea that had gripped me in the past week was finding an idea. The wow moment I was telling you about above? Maybe, just maybe, it was this.
Ironical that the process of not finding an idea itself became the idea. Weird!

Yep, so that’s why I wrote this whole thing. 😀 Learning process, for me, this one! The Quest is completed with zest. No jest.


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