Earth · Environment · Poetry

We preserve food, don’t we? How about trying to preserve something Bigger?

Our earth is one amazing planet.
The earth is a dot in the canvas of the galaxy,
In this unimaginably huge universe,
Swirling around for aeons.
This unimaginably huge hotel,
Has many more rooms.
Galaxies that we may never know about.
Or see. Or count. Or measure.
Maybe, these galaxies also host planets,
Planets like ours, with treasures – trees, air, water, life.
But our earth, is likely to be
The only earth we may ever have
(Although we may work on wormholes)
The only earth we may tread on,
The only earth where
We may breathe, play, smile, live.
And yet, we seem to easily forget
All this, and valiantly go after things
That befoul our crisp air, fresh soil, and clean water.
It’s time to ponder.
The facts have been in the news all the time,
So much that they’ve lost their impact.
But really, if we don’t consider the future
Of our earth that, remember, does not belong to us alone,
It might, just might, become too late to act.


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