Change and People

Winds of Change

Why is it always a bad thing when people change? Because we find the change shocking to our preconceived notions about people. We think we know some people. But truth be told, we know none% of nobody. Because nobody knows themselves fully either. We never know how we may adapt to different situations in the future.

So, changing is an innate and sometimes, an even unconscious thing. When we complain that someone’s changed or we’ve changed, we are comparing their/our present to a seemingly idealistic past which was perfect. But we have faults everywhere, even in that idealistic past. Why then, do we think that we’ve changed for the worse? We’ve changed in faults, and it follows that we have changed in our strengths. That idealistic past is just what it is – the past. The present situation needs that change.

Finally, it’s just about acceptance. Once we accept that we cannot make others change back to what they once were, and that we might try to change ourselves back, but we won’t succeed in changing back completely, we’ll have more time to change the situation before us, to hurtle through it and enjoy it. ‘Cause like they say, nothing is permanent except change. And this saying is gonna change too, in the future. 🙂


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