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The Voice of One Teenager (The Continued Prattle)

“ I’m proud to say that I’m a teenager. Having reached the second half of my teens, I realize something: I may have criticized these years; I may have found some of my deepest lows in these years, but I don’t want to leave.

I don’t. These are the years that I think of when I have to think of the things that define me.
We teenagers are capable of so much happiness. When we are happy, we mean it in the full sense of the word. We giggle, guffaw, chuckle, grin from ear to ear, laugh, chortle and smile. 😀 🙂 😛
We are capable of fabulous creations. We create our own worlds within the world. We create music, art, confidence, enthusiasm, fun, love, and hope.

We are gifted with surprising insight and maturity, all the while retaining every single bit of immaturity that we possess. We are all for equality and all other causes that come our way, minor or not. We have a hundred different worries that may or mayn’t be insignificant. But we do have an inkling of the big picture. Yes, we do.

We understand things way better. We bring about new dimensions of seeing things.
Remember the story of the blind men and the elephant?


Each of them saw the elephant in a different way. Oh yes, I do know they were wrong. Let’s consider that point irrelevant. Because, we are like those blind men. Except with the aforementioned special insight.  Hey, who says we are infallible? We dare to dream up some things that are crazy enough to be considered appalling. That requires considerable imagination mingled with strength of mind.
We rediscover ourselves – we find things about ourselves we never knew about, find stuff within us that we never imagined we had, do things we never thought we had the courage to do. And of course, for that, we encounter every bit of struggle. We get ourselves engaged in criticism. We yell about how misunderstood we teens are.
But at the end of all that, we feel exuberant.  After braving things, we feel like we’ve lassoed wild bulls, and enjoyed it too. We have that way of changing our view about things.

And so, I don’t want to leave. I’ve stayed in the Teen Hotel for years now, in a hundred different rooms. As the time to check out nears sneakily, I have this crazy hope of something being wrong with the paperwork so that I’m detained here for longer. Mmm. Call this an ominous and even incorrect pronouncement, but when you reach adulthood, everything becomes a lot more, well, unchanging, boring.
I’m not Peter Pan though, and although I’m aware of it, my teen brain keeps returning to this crazy wish, and I know why. 🙂 “


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