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Some Rambling On The Good Old Days

‘The good old days’ is a phrase slightly sore from overuse. I still enjoy using that phrase and reminiscing about the good old days. We only realize that the good old days were good, and probably better than the days of the present, as time moves on and we hurtle into the future.

The warm feeling that remembering happy memories creates – the feeling of someone trying to light a match inside – is such a wonderful thing. It makes me glow from within. It empowers me to keep at whatever I’m doing. The root of all this is ultimately the joy that I’ve experienced that resurfaces now and then. The littlest things and the smallest details that I remember about previous happy experiences make me proud that I actually value that happiness enough to remember them.

Happy memories fill me with wonder. I wonder how it all happened. I wonder what mysterious thing caused so many great things to happen. I wonder how lucky I am to have found myself in a situation that brought and continues to bring a smile on my face. I love the fact that these memories provide ways to bring smiles without the run of the mill pursuit of happiness. They remind me again and again, of the beauty that can be found in the world. Not of external beauty only, but of the beauty of heart, trust and human relationships.

What do you feel? Does remembering the good old days ignite similar emotions within you? Does it bring forth other feelings? Or do you disagree with the concept of a rosy past?  Feel free to comment and share your opinion. 🙂



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