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Keeping it simple, silly!

Sometimes, I plan something so wonderfully complex and grand that when it actually works out as planned, it just falls flat. I don’t feel as satisfied as I thought I’d be. This, as I realized today, is because the joys of life are etched brighter in  simple things. When we keep it simple, we don’t really have expectations about something panning out. Then life manages to surprise us. Boing!
Surprising your best friend  on their birthday is far better with a small group of three or four other close friends and a small cake, than with a grand elaborate party filled with people who aren’t close. At a friend’s birthday party recently, I saw the group of guests break up into smaller groups that spoke among themselves and seemed interested only in taking selfies, which predictably led to a party which hardly had the spirit of one. Alternatively, some of the other surprise parties I’ve attended and thoroughly enjoyed myself in, are the ones which were simply planned the day before, with a select group of people. These are the parties in which I have laughed till tears rolled down my cheeks, cheeks made creamy by unsophisticated cake smears, spoken about meaningful topics like friendship, love and the future, heard exciting secrets, and was able to be myself every minute of the party.
A home made greeting card with heartfelt words and personal memories brings more happiness than an expensive store bought card with cliche’ wishes.
Sharing a single pizza with your loved one makes you much happier than eating several gourmet dishes alone.
A fancy New Year’s party does not beat sitting on the roof at midnight, either alone or with friends, with food, drinks and peace to welcome the New Year with.

Some other simple joys I’ve experienced are:
Speaking to a loved one at the end of a tiring day.
Curling up with a hot mug of my favorite drink and a book and reading away, listening to the pitter-patter of the rain outside.
An unexpected compliment or a thank-you.
A hug from someone I love when I’m feeling blue.
Finding that one song that I can absolutely relate to at that moment.
Finding old stuff hidden away, that makes pleasant memories rush through me, when I’m cleaning.
Receiving a letter from a friend instead of a text.
A breathtaking view that makes me marvel inwardly on the surprises that nature offers.
Giving free rein to my kiddish self now and then, be it blowing bubbles, or running around like an idiot, or splashing about in a tub of water.
Cheering someone up by saying the right words and making them smile.
Finishing small goals I set for myself – finishing that project, finally calling that friend I’ve been meaning to speak to for ages, finally pursuing the hobby I’m interested in and so on.

What I have noticed is, that these simple things bring us joy because they illuminate the path to finding happiness within ourselves. These simple things teach us lessons on love, kindness, and friendship. They let us reflect on life instead of just letting us hurtle on towards the future.
I would LOVE to know other simple things that brighten your day. Do comment below and tell me what they are. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Keeping it simple, silly!

  1. Love your post and the simple things in life. Things that brighten my day are black tea with real cream and sugar, a great book, my cat sleeping next to me as I feel her purr against my back, the smell of fall leaves, a hug from a friend, and a good laugh.
    Thanks for sharing what you love, it’s always great to know how people celebrate the little things in life.


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