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What One Year Of Blogging Taught Me

It seems strange to me that I am writing this post and feeling so happy about completing my first year of blogging, considering that the only reason I created my blog was so my brother would stop pestering me to create one to push my writing fever to greater heights.
Okay, I’ll admit that it was also because I wanted to know what the experience of blogging really felt like.

I didn’t even realize that a year had passed since I began my blogging journey, until I received a notification informing me about what I should have known. My immediate reaction was,”What? Has it really been a whole year, already?” And of course, I was so happy that I decided to sit down and write about what one year of blogging taught me. And, to rattle off to anyone who would listen, “It’s been a year! A full year! Yay!”

I learnt how to become a better writer. Being a part of the blogosphere exposed me to the wonderful writing of so many people around the world. Reading about the things other writers face, and exposure to several other writing styles, helped me refine my own style of writing and encouraged me to keep writing what I wanted to.
My first few posts were driven by the wish to write what I thought people would like to read. I realized later that it defeats the purpose of writing. You see, writing is about weaving your own design, spinning your own words around, and creating a masterpiece by saying what you really feel. Only then can the writing inspire and actually seem good to read.

It boosted my creativity and helped me to express my inner self. As time passed, I began to write more creatively and make new connections among things. When I felt I was full of swirling emotions and I posted about them, I felt calmer and  relieved and I saw things from a different perspective by just putting my thoughts into text.

It helped me relate to others’ situations and motivated me to continue writing.  Reading other bloggers’ posts helped to put myself in others’ shoes, understand new situations and how to react to them when they crept up in my own life. I was surprised, initially, to find out how many people had gone through the same situations that I had, and that made me feel better – I wasn’t alone in what I thought, felt and experienced.
Checking blog stats can be exciting. Especially when you realize that your writing is actually appreciated by other people (that is to say, people other than your family and friends whom you’ve probably pestered to give their opinions on your writing.) It encourages you to keep that writing dream always tucked behind your ear and never stop pursuing it.

And best of all, blogging can be so much fun! I learnt so much about other cultures and varied stuff from all around the world.
All around the world in a year! 😀


4 thoughts on “What One Year Of Blogging Taught Me

  1. This was really great to read, I just started blogging, and adapting to new methods of writing, it is really confusing to me to let My thoughts flow in their own time, instead of wanting to shove it All at once, so I must say thank you for sharing this!

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  2. For a person who has just started writing a blog, this piece comes as a treat to my eyes. You know how it feels when you write your first few posts. I am at that stage. Great to see someone completing a year and being innocently happy about it. Cheers!!

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