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Who Comprehends? – A Poem and a Drawing

12032939_869504353136849_1176039680265885742_nI’ve traveled far and wide,
And met many, many people.
I’ve spoken the truth, and I’ve lied.
And now, I’ve stumbled onto something simple.

Who knows me like the back of her hand?
Who knows me to be decoded yet enigmatic?
Who knows the way I rave and rant?
Who knows how exactly I laugh like a lunatic?

Who knows why exactly I behave the way I do?
Who knows the true hodgepodge of my thoughts and emotions racing?
Who really knows the composite nature of my moods?
Who knows the exact reason for all that I’m saying?

I hunted all over for people who would understand me.
But that was quite unnecessary; I had no real need.
I have to say, I really am filled with gratitude,
For some time of true solitude.

For it affords the opportunity to sit back
And let myself know
That it’s really quite a simple fact:
At any rate, there’s one person,
Who comprehends all that I do and do not show.



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