Feelings · Life · Poetry


Angels come and go,
And leave behind trails of stars.
Stars that sparkle of joy and wonderment
In my solitary heart.

My heart knows the truth –
That it must travel alone,
That it owns no one and must tread lightly.
But these angels bring me closer home.

They live not in a different sphere;
They live not in the usual places;
They live in unexpected abodes,
In gentle, unappreciated faces.

Angels that do unprecedented acts –
Acts of true love, true faith and true thought,
Miracles that rouse my trust in humanity
When I feel all I have is naught.

But these angels never do stay;
They hover, smile, and vanish in a flash.
Slowly pulling me into their transient journey,
Angels come and angels go.

Dedicated to all the angels in my life.
(c)rummy’s own blog


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