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A Weird Wedding – Nonsense Verse

According to Britannica.com, nonsense verse is ‘humorous or whimsical verse that differs from other comic verse in its resistance to any rational or allegorical interpretation.’
I used to write a lot of nonsense verse when I was a kid. Today, for the first time in a long time, I sat and wrote nonsense verse:

A Weird Wedding

The rat married the cat
Before a minister who was a bat.
When it was time to exchange the wedding vows,
The cat gave a stiff, solemn bow,
And said to the rat, “I vow to keep you safe in the night,”
“And give you cream, butter, and pepper to keep you bright.”
“Ahem!” said the minister,
Not suspecting anything sinister.
After the wedding vows were said and the cat kissed his wife,
And after the rat cut the gooseberry cake with a silver knife,
The motley crowd of guests – including the bee, the anteater and the rhino
Waved them goodbye as they drove off in their limo.
Inside, the rat blushed furiously
While asking the cat a tad curiously,
“Do you love me so much that despite the inflation, the widespread corruption and your constipation
You wish to give me all those things?”
The cat looked at his wife,
And with an evil smile,
Said, “No, it’s because you’re my meal in the morning!”



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