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You Know You Are A Writer When…

  1. You check any form of textual communication – a message, an e-mail, an online post, or note – consciously or subconsciously for spelling or grammar errors before sending it or using it. Hey, I even check my grocery lists!
    (“Hang on, I’ve missed one ‘n’ in mayonnaise…”)
  2. You don’t find your own writing appealing when you look back, or you find your writing of long ago to be far better than it is like now. Sigh. The illusion of inconsistency.
  3. A splendid idea hits you right when you least expect it, and if you don’t write it down somewhere immediately, poof! The idea and the inspiration just vanish. *scrambles for pen and paper*
  4. You LOVE reading. You have books stashed everywhere. Books stacked in your bookshelf. Books stacked on your table. Books stacked in your brain. Books staying in the heart.
  5. As a side effect of point 4, you sometimes find the world of fiction/fantasy/imagination to be far more interesting and fun than the real world. It’s hard to pry yourself from it sometimes. You fall in love with the mannerisms and personalities of fictional characters, sometimes even your own.
  6. You love playing with words. Sometimes, you keep it simple, like “The cat looked for the mouse.” And then there are times when you like to bamboozle your readers.Β “The retractile clawed mammal foraged for its murine nourishment.”
  7. Once an idea catches hold of your wandering brain, you write furiously. You think faster than you can write/type and the words just rush through you so quickly that your hand may even hurt.
    *”Isawhimcomingoutinabumblebeecostume” – OUCH*
  8. You can never keep to a firm schedule, because inspiration always drops in uninformed. The most beautiful words and the most creative ideas come to you out of the blue.
    “Hey, I know it’s 3 a.m., but this is really a great concept. Wakey-wakey!”
    On the other hand, you could be sitting for hours on end with the “mood” to write, but nothing spouting out of your head but non-creative clutter.
    “And so he went to buy a – hang on – purchase a – er – bucket. (Wait. Why is he buying a bucket?)”
  9. Lastly, you know that writing, fun as it is, is still work; and it requires toil, and patience to be able to burn the midnight oil – it’s not the ‘light’ Β or merely romantic occupation it is deemed to be. And then there’s always the waiting, the uncertainty if our writing is good or not.

Cheers to us writers who bring beauty to the world through the art we create through the language! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Writer When…

  1. So true, Ramya. When I have a story to tell, I can’t rest until I have finished it and hit publish. You have got something to say and you have to say it. It is such a killer urge. Enjoyed the post

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