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Mountains and Metaphors

Ever since I visited Mount Titlis a few years ago, I’ve found that places with mountains are my favourite places to vacation in. They have this mysterious, impressive air about them, and their gargantuan proportions really do take my breath away.
Also, I absolutely adore cold weather, so it’s easy to understand why I love mountainous places so much. (In fact, when I visited Mount Titlis, the only warm clothing I had on was a thin sweater, which wasn’t of much use, considering that the temperature was around 3 degrees Celsius. Brrr – yeah!)

One of my favourite vacation spots – Munnar, Kerala, India. Mountains everywhere! This picture belongs to

Today, I was thinking of how the very idea of mountains makes me feel at peace. It then hit me that a mountain is a metaphor for peace itself. It is also a metaphor for beauty and strength.

My inner bard sniffed the air hopefully, and I sat down and wrote this poem about the land forms that I like so much.


Formed by a collision,
Scarred, rugged and uneven,
Decorated with spots of snow,
Mosses, caves and vegetation.

Sturdy, enduring and resilient,
You stand there, calm and silent
Filling my soul with peace, calm and tranquility,
As you stand awash in your uncommon beauty.

You are unmindful of life’s perplexities –
Of how we hurtle through time in the emergency lane.
You withstand the wind, the water, and the burrowing mice
And your patient spirit never does wane.

Oh, dear mountain, mountain of stone
You teach me solitude – you stand alone
How we revel in your white and verdant splendour!
You are a collection of many an inspiring metaphor.


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