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My Grammar Nazism Riles Them Up

English is a pretty fluid language, and keeps evolving to keep in tune with the fast pace with which our world is changing. But even an evolved grammarian has to take notice of some typos that run amok everywhere.I mean, there is a LOT of difference between ‘He passed by now,’ and ‘He passed away now.’! As a fierce crusader for proper grammar, or at least for grammar that doesn’t cloud understanding, I tend to irritate a lot of people. Fair enough, I suppose, considering that their typos irritate a stickler like me in the first place!

What makes Grammar Nazis like me stand up for grammar rules (if they are firm enough to be called rules) so much? It’s a question I’ve been trying to find the answer to for quite some time now. A lot of people I know wonder why I can’t relax when I see grammar/language mistakes, as long as I understand (vaguely) what is being said. I wonder why people can’t follow grammar/language rules when they want to communicate anyway. My best friend tells me that Grammar Nazism irks people because people don’t like to admit they are wrong about something so universal as language to a person.Ā It doesn’t matter if it’s the word processor, because hey, a word processor won’t judge you!

The thing is, most of us Grammar Nazis are a seriously misunderstood lot. We don’t correct typos because we want to lord it over people, but because we like to see perfection in what we’re reading or hearing. And most of the time, we aren’t judging people on the basis of their grammar errors. We just point out the mistake, and move on to – er- other grammar errors. We may sound like arrogant Know-It-Alls at times, but we do know that our language isn’t impeccable either, and we make rather ridiculous errors from time to time. Grammar Nazism is something we can employ to broaden our views and preferences on language, and it is evolving (albeit slowly) as well.

So kindly bear with me as those unpredictable urges arise to correct “it’s” to “its”, “your” to “you’re”, and “listen that song” to “listen to that song”. Because I’m one of those Grammar Nazis who can’t help but see the difference between the phrases, “reminder of our marriage” and “remainder of our marriage”.

PS. True to this innate trait, I’ve proofread my post twice. šŸ˜‰ Feel free to point out any grammatical error. šŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “My Grammar Nazism Riles Them Up

  1. The purist in me says that it should be ‘grammatical error’ and not ‘grammar error’. If you are so used it staying so, please rephrase it as ‘error of grammar’… ):)…):).

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