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Holiday Lessons :-)

Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays (76 holidays to be precise, says the Thomson in me). As I look back on them now, I think they were pretty fun. It was a vacation of firsts, really – I did so many things for the first time.

I held a guitar in my hands for the first time and felt this instant connection to it, like I was meant to learn how to play it. I learnt how to drive a scooter and had the most ridiculous fall off it – I had to laugh at myself.:D After months of working hard and waking up at 5:30 in the morning, I could stay up late reading (and reading, and reading) and wake up refreshed after a ten hour slumber.  I could catch up on my hobbies like writing, singing, making art and crafts, drawing, hanging out with my friends, and so on. I even got hooked to a few great TV shows, although I wasn’t much of a TV watcher before…

These holidays made me realize the importance of feeling positive. How you start your morning sets the tone for the entire day, and I just don’t mean the coffee. Listening to your favourite songs, smiling at the sunlight streaming in through the windows and reading something positive – whatever gets your brain a-ticking and your heart a-pumping for a blank canvas of a day!

The most important lesson I learnt from these experiences was that life is meant to be lived now. The twelfth grade exams that I took in March are a big, big deal where I come from. As all of us worked and worked towards a distant goal in the future, I think we began to lose perspective of living the moment. These holidays brought back the freedom and peace of living in the present and taught us that we are boundless and infinite. Brooding on an event in the hazy past or worrying about something equally hazy in the future doesn’t let us see what’s happening right now with all clarity.

This is why I decided to no longer be apprehensive of what’s coming. Day after tomorrow, I’ll be setting foot into a new environment. I, the girl who has always been a little afraid of growing up, am going to college.  There will be several changes, and I’ll have to fit myself into a routine once more, but maybe it’ll turn out all right. It should. Emily Dickinson whispers in my brain, “Forever is composed of nows.” And now is when we can have the most fun! 🙂



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