Happiness · Poetry · writing


As sweet darkness envelopes you,
Haziness taking over the world’s crisp clarity,
You begin to easily, yet slowly slip through
Like the lazy, viscous flow of honey.

You slip through into the known unknowns
For a few hours of respite,
Respite from the noisy confusion shown
By the bewildered world, all day and night.

Dreams defy the need for order,
Colourful and inexplicably weird.
Whether you remember them or not after
You know they’re a part of a whole other world.

Sleep is blissfully peaceful.
As you slumber, and slowly breathe,
You are a child once again, carefree and tranquil
In the fluid confines of uplifting, reawakening sleep.

My inner bard was inspired to write this after enjoying a wonderful nap on a weekday, which is becoming a rarity… 🙂
The featured image is from the free photo website, http://www.unsplash.com


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