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The Time I Kicked Back Beauty Standards In The Face

A while back, I had posted about the importance of accepting the way you look in self love. Ironically, I went through a recent phase of not being able to follow my own observation.

A lot of people I met began telling me I had put on weight, but I really couldn’t see what they were seeing. I couldn’t see why this was so important, either. So I didn’t pay much attention to their comments. But I think at one point, they started getting to me, and I think I started to see myself differently. Scrolling through social media feeds made it worse. I, the girl who never used to care two pins about appearances, kept thinking about how everyone else seemed to be in perfect shape. Then I saw a line – ‘So you gained 10 pounds. So what?’

I suddenly realized what I was doing, and was really shocked. “What are you doing?” I asked myself. And this was enough to bring me back to my senses. The world has very inflexible and impractical standards of beauty, and it is ludicrous to try to match up to these standards. This phase was a lesson to me, that reiterated my principle that true beauty is beyond skin. It is not the beauty we see in magazines, or on television. You are beautiful because of that sparkle in your eyes when you talk about something you love, because of that toothy smile that makes the skin around your eyes crinkle in joy, because of the uniqueness of your personality, because of the wonderful, irreplaceable human being you are.

I’m grateful that I learned this lesson at the right time, and perhaps at the right age – before I could be deluded any further; and I’m going to make sure this never happens again. Just goes to show that experience teaches you better than anything else does. 🙂

I don’t generally post something so didactic, but I had to get this out. Here’s my new stratagem the next time someone tries to stick an absurd social label onto me :
“Fat is a bio-molecule.
Bio-molecules make up life.
Life on earth shows rich diversity.
Diversity is beautiful.
Thank you for calling me beautiful.” *winks* 🙂

Thanks for reading!
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2 thoughts on “The Time I Kicked Back Beauty Standards In The Face

  1. I’m very glad you remember that important truism. The most confident, successful people are those who feel comfortable in their own skins. Those people’s attractiveness comes from within, and is much more lasting and appealing than people who force themselves into an unrealistic and unhealthy mould.

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