Did you Miss Me?

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I am so excited for the fourth Sherlock series. It is my all time favourite series and I have waited for so long for the next one to come out. I guess all of us are Sherlocked.

We have been rewatching all three seasons in anticipation of when it airs on the 6th Jan here in South Africa.

On a hunch the other day, I typed in The Science of Deduction and of course this website came up:


Brilliant! Joseph Lidster must have had such fun writing them. It reminds me of the English Olympiad, taking old stories mixing them up, and making Facebook accounts for Abigail Williams from the Crucible. And we can’t forget Watson’s blog:


No offence to Sherlock, but apart from the Hidden Messages from ‘Anonymous'(who on earth could that be, cough, cough), his website is quite dry. The comments are well worth a…

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