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I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

I was never one for watching TV shows, really. And I always thought that modern day adaptations of a tale so old would destroy the vintage charm and appeal it held on a reader such as me who always prefers reading the book over watching the movie. So whenever anyone would praise BBC’s Sherlock to high heavens, I would wonder why they made all that fuss. This Christmas hols, my favourite show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S ended and I had a lot of time on my hands and nothing else to watch, so I decided to see for myself what Sherlock was all about.

I ended up fangirling so hard, my phone’s gallery has an entire folder dedicated to Sherlock quotes, fan-fiction and art.

The show unexpectedly proved to be one of the best adaptations of Sherlock Holmes. Maybe it doesn’t have the old-world feel with horse-drawn carriages, telegrams, and the iconic pipe. But it does have the familiar feeling of a world we can relate to with no effort at all – with cell phones, blogs and cars (the pipe is replaced by nicotine patches). It makes you feel that if Sherlock can ‘read’ people the way he does, then we should be able to, too. Actually, after watching the first few episodes, I tried to ‘read’ and deduce things about my mom, until she asked me why I was looking at her so peculiarly. Sigh. Obviously, I need practice.

One thing about this show is that it brought back a part of me that does not mind being alone, and is content with my individuality. It was a very private experience, and still is. People tend not to like Sherlock, because he has something about him that makes him an arrogant smart aleck, and he often has no idea about people’s feelings, (Side note: That would make Poirot very unhappy. ‘The psychology, mon ami!’ he’d exclaim) something John (Watson) constantly reminds him of. But Sherlock doesn’t really mind who likes him and who doesn’t. He is so comfortable being with himself and never doubts his abilities (except on the one occasion when he encounters Irene Adler). I really, really like that. In one scene, he says, ‘Alone is what I have, alone protects me.’

To which John retorts that he’s wrong, because it’s friends who protect you. As the series progresses, you see Sherlock is human after all, despite his statements like, ‘Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side.’ John Watson is not just Sherlock’s blogger. He is Sherlock’s best friend, and often insults him to the face when Sherlock is being particularly self-centered or insensitive.

For a periodic introvert like me, this is bound to be a favourite :


For us out here, Sherlock Day is on 7th Jan, and I can’t wait for the new episodes of the show that not just entertained me but also gave me so much… 🙂



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