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“What’s In A Name?”

Shakespeare famously said, “What’s in a name?”, but names mean quite a lot, sometimes. Some names are special because of the interesting stories behind them. Others are special because they are so creatively chosen or created that they stand out in one’s mind like Dobby among the Hogwarts elves. (Don’t mind me, I’m always making Harry Potter references.) Some others are special because they are reminders of something positive.
So what’s the story behind my blog’s name, and why is it special to me?
My name sounds a lot like ‘rum-yah’ which is definitely not what it means. πŸ˜› So in school, I became the butt of a lot of jokes relating to a certain mentioned alcoholic beverage…and then a friend started calling me ‘Rummy’ and the name stuck. Well, sort of.

I digress here to make yet another Potter reference. You see, my initials are the same as that of Sirius’ somewhat unknown brother, Regulus, mentioned in the sixth and seventh books. It took just a while for everyone, including me, to figure out that I could be called Regulus Arcturus Black too. I loved the sound of the name Regulus. Then last year, I discovered that my ‘birth star’ is actually named Regulus, too. I was flabbergasted and really, really delighted by the whole level of this coincidence, and it made me love the name even more.

Back to ‘rummy’s own blog’. Two and a half years ago, I knew zilch about blogging. I’d heard of blog posts but I’d never even read one (!!!) and blogging just seemed to be some vague activity in my mind that I had never given much thought to. No one in my friends -circle had had a blog then. So when I created my blog, it felt like something so novel for me to be doing, and a part of me couldn’t believe that I was actually about to broadcast my creative sallies to the blogosphere. It would be a space that no one but that tiny voice in my head, which makes words run amok and ideas cook, would dictate – something so exclusive yet so free. It would be my ‘own’… πŸ™‚

So that’s what makes this blog’s name so special to me. It reminds me that I should never stop writing, because writing is something that responds so well to my quirks and the unusual wavelength ‘Rummy’ likes. πŸ™‚

I would LOVE to know what makes your blog’s name special to you! Do you have a story or a special reason behind your blog’s name? Or do you have any thoughts about names in general? Do let me know! πŸ™‚

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