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5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

Books help in breaking the ice. When you find someone who has read and liked the same book that you have, you establish an instant connection with them. It’s a wonderful feeling to find someone with whom you can discuss the book’s plot and characters, build up theories, and share your favourite parts of the book.
My cousin and I bonded over Harry Potter, and my best friend and I bonded over The Fault In Our Stars. It’s as if books help you recognize new like-minded people and cut the first turf. How wonderful is that!

Stumbling on a marvellous book, finding that you love everything about it and being grateful that it exists is a great feeling! More so if the book was introduced to you by someone to whom the book is special. Now the two of you can put your heads together and nerd over it, going over the smallest details. The book becomes all the more special to you because it is an experience that you’ve shared.

The book may have a story beyond what’s in it. If you buy a second-hand book, there is a chance of finding something in it – a vestige of its life before it reached your hands. It could be an inscription on the first page, a bookmark stuck tightly between the pages, highlighted lines, etc. It’s really exciting to find a relic of the past in old books. It shows that the book has been handled, read and possibly appreciated much before it reached you.
When I bought an old copy of Agatha Christie’s Curtain this year, I found two things tucked in between the delicate, brown pages – a newspaper cutting and a sheet from a calendar, from all the way back in 1977. You can imagine how thrilled I was! Judging from the newspaper cutting, I’d guess that the book had travelled halfway across the world before I found it. 🙂


Books can give you a sense of homecoming. When you reread books after a long time, and find yourself still remembering the lines, the illustrations, and the plot, you get a sense of warm familiarity and even security, because although a lot of things change over the years, the delight of reading the book remains the same.

Then there’s the physical act of handling the book itself. The old book smell, the new book smell, the rustle and texture of the pages, the pristine cover and spine of a new book, the satisfaction of seeing all your books lined up together, giving colour and character to your bookshelf, and so on.

Have you experienced any other book-related joys? Do comment and let me know! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

  1. What a great post! Books really do have so much about them that’s appealing! And you’ve discussed them so well. I’d add that books can be a source of solace. Broken-hearted? Read. Lonely? Read. It’s all there – all of the ups and downs of human existence. And it all helps heal.

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