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If Time Used Boomerang

Time has a direction – forward from past to present to future. In his book, The Theory Of Everything, Stephen Hawking writes:
“The increase of disorder or entropy with time is one example of what is called an arrow of time, something that gives a direction to time and distinguishes the past from the future. There are at least three different arrows of time. First, there is the thermodynamic arrow of time—the direction of time in which disorder or entropy increases. Second, there is the psychological arrow of time. This is the direction in which we feel time passes—the direction of time in which we remember the past, but not the future. Third, there is the cosmological arrow of time. This is the direction of time in which the universe is expanding rather than contracting.”

I had never thought of time in this way. I even feel that the more you learn about and understand time, the more you begin to question the definition of time itself. Out of the blue, I had a crazy thought – what if time could move back and forth on sudden whims? From an entirely unscientific yet imaginative perspective, what if time were personified? What if Time were to use Instagram’s Boomerang feature? Here is some nonsense verse I penned down…

If Time Used Boomerang (Nonsense Verse)

If Time used Boomerang
How would it be?
I’d take simply ages to finish my cup of tea.
One minute I’d be tapping away on my PC
And the next, I’d be using Babbage’s counting machine.
Today would meet yesterday in no proper tandem
I would lose my things as soon as I found them.
The Sun would imitate an excited firefly,
Trees would play yo-yo with their fruits all ripe.
The battle between sleep and work would intensify
Every morning I’d jump in and out of bed a hundred times.
This wouldn’t be so far-fetched I guess,
The waves on the seashore have been doing it for ages.
Back and forth, back and forth.
But boy, how confusing life would get!
To eat and then feel like you haven’t eaten yet
But the one thing that would definitely tire my brain
Would be having to write my exams again and again.

Time travel – in any direction – may not be possible, but the idea sure is exciting! But even if time travel is achieved in the future, why has no one arrived from the future to tell us about it? 😉

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