So, You Call Yourself A Blogger?

The Captain's Speech

Bloggers are different. They are the green grass on the other side. They are the friendly neighbour. They are funny. They are genuine. They love pizza. And when they leave a comment, well, they put YouTube commenters to shame.

I think I just inadvertently described Canadians. 

I’ve been blogging long enough to notice that all bloggers face the same hurdles.

A lot of us think the same way and possess the same sense of humour. It’s eerie. I love it.

Many times, I have an idea for a post, when all of a sudden I scroll through my Reader and see someone else has stolen my idea and beat me to it. Now, I can’t copy them. I go back to the drawing board.

Kudos to them for having the same thoughts as a genius like myself!

All bloggers start off their “journey” with the dreaded first post. Almost every first post…

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