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Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

Ah, a crossover between two of my favourite fandoms.
“It’s Christmas!” *wink*
The characters of Sherlock can be divided into two types of Hogwarts students –
Type A: Students decisively belonging to a house, which the Sorting Hat would declare instantly.
Type B: Divergent students, whom the hat would declare are “difficult, very difficult” to Sort.

So off we go to type A:
Mycroft: With his seeming impassiveness, secret umbrella-sword-gun, that regal look that simply demands attention, position of power, secretive yet caring nature, and a brilliant mind, Mycroft is clearly a Slytherin. You can imagine him sitting silently with steeple hands in the Slytherin Dungeons – er – Diogenes Club.


John: The doctor who never really came home from the war. A man who has had a lifetime of excitement and is always game for more… and loves it when the game is on. Marries an ex-assassin, shoots a man to save Sherlock just about a day after he first met him, doesn’t shrink from telling Sherlock (or Mycroft) on the face what he thinks of him.  Brave, caring, loyal, witty (“I had bad days!!”)  –


Molly: The one who always counted. The awkward, sincere, forgiving, hardworking, kind, and determined pathologist, always ready to help whom she loved, with no questions asked. Intensely loyal and secretly gutsy, Molly Hooper is one super Hufflepuff.
(Also, how amazing she is in Hufflepuff colours as she stabs Tom with a fork…)


Irene: Irene quite literally flirts with danger. It takes a certain amount of cunning and sharpness of mind to come up with a complex, devious plan, while faking her own death and intriguing our man who thinks sentiment is a chemical defect. She has this haunting, mysterious air of beauty…just like a serpent…Slytherin, of course.
Mrs Hudson: The Lying Detective convinced everyone who wasn’t already, that Mrs Hudson, the icon of Baker Street, is a Gryffindor. (And definitely not your housekeeper) She manages to be brave and keep her wits about her when she is attacked, tells Mycroft without so much as batting an eyelid to get out of her house, and drives at terrific speed just to bring her Baker Street Boys together. Oh, Mrs Hudson, you give me courage. Don’t even get me started on your wit.

Now for Type B – the characters that could belong to more than one House…

Mary: Slytherin! Gryffindor! Slytherin! Gryffindor!
I’m personally inclined towards Gryffindor, because she is brave, fun, assertive, and sacrificing…but she’s also brilliant, elaborate, quick, secretive…this is hard.

Greg Lestrade: Greg is a patient, sincere, forgiving, friendly and hardworking man, who tolerates Sherlock’s idiosyncrasies and trusts him, even when this leads him into embarrassing situations. So..Hufflepuff? Yet Greg is naturally brave, quick to respond to changes, and has a sense of gravity about him that could make him Gryffindor too.
Sherlock…and Jim Moriarty: It seems a bit flawed to talk about the arch-enemies together, as both of them are such powerful characters they ought to have separate descriptions…but as Sherlock himself says, he and Moriarty are the same. Both have unimaginably unconventional minds and consider themselves to be quite above usual intelligence, lost in their game, unmindful of normal, social norms. Always looking for something new and challenging to dispel their boredom. Ravenclaws.
But they are also prepared to go to any length to achieve their objective. Sherlock gets engaged just to enter Magnussen’s office…Jim is willing to die to put Sherlock in an inescapable situation. Determined, different, elaborate, enigmatic, sassy…hmm…Slytherins.


Agree?  Disagree? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Do tell me your views on any other character of the series, too!
Thanks for reading! 🙂

(I don’t own any of the images. I picked them off Google.)


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