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Summer Trip Tales

Hello again! I haven’t blogged for so long! It feels great to have my fingers flying across the keyboard for the first time in a long time. 🙂
My friends from school and I went on a two-day trip last week to Kodaikanal (a hill-station in India) to end our summer with a bang. It was such a fun and new experience for all of us, especially since it was just the five of us and no older chaperones (well, kind of) with us like the last time we all went on a trip.
Here are some photos and some stories from the amazing two days that we spent together in the serene little town.


One of the first things we saw as our bus climbed up the mountains was this beautiful sunrise – the sun slowly making its way up from behind the mountains.

We saw emu birds at the resort we were staying! Their characteristic expression with those seemingly suspicious eyes makes you feel slightly guilty for nothing, haha. They are such regal birds.

Some photos of the incredible scenic beauty of the place. We went to a botanical garden where the trees were like nothing that I’ve seen before. They were tall with very sparse branches that began only at the upper one-third of the tree trunks, with very few leaves. They seemed like art projects, with twigs glued on to a long stick!
The weather there was magnificent, yet so fickle. By the time we finished boating on the huge lake (that forms the town’s central attraction), the sun had gone in and come out again five times!

IMG_20170727_221024 IMG_20170727_220936

We had dinner in a cafe’ called Ten Degrees, where we got to eat the most delicious wraps filled with lettuce, cottage cheese and spices. They gave us free chocolate-mocha ‘shots’!
When we returned to the resort, there was a bonfire on the grounds for a party of guests, who were nowhere near the area. So until they came to huddle around the bonfire, we stood around it on the soft wet grass, and enjoyed the warmth. 🙂

The following day, we went to see the attraction named ‘Pillar Rock’. We couldn’t really see much of the rock, because it was so (delightfully) foggy. We could barely see the outline of the trees around. It was fun taking pictures in the fog, and pretending we were ‘spirits in the gloom’. 🙂 There were two very adorable pups on another foggy walking trail called Coaker’s Walk. Both of them had never seen bubbles, and while one got scared and ran away from them, the other thought it was food or something, and ran towards them, slightly puzzled that they kept disappearing.
We also took pictures of local life, although the locals couldn’t quite understand why we needed photos to remember the vivid colours and culture of the little hill-town…

This last photo of the five of us was taken by our cab-driver, who, I’m pretty sure, thought we folks were foolish. 😀
It was really an invigorating trip that exceeded all my expectations. Now and then, it’s hard to believe for a second that all of it actually happened. Definitely a great end to the summer holidays! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
Until next time,

(Shoutout to my friend Sam who took most of the pictures! 🙂 All the pictures in this post belong to


3 thoughts on “Summer Trip Tales

  1. It sounds as though you had a lovely time, and that’s what’s most important. It’s so much fun to enjoy a great trip with friends, isn’t it? You’ll have memories to last forever. I love those ‘photos, too.

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