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Punctiliously Punny

Whenever I make a pun

People ask if I’m high

They listen to it (im)patiently

And let out a long, deep sigh


‘How do you come up with these?’

They ask me with a groan

I smile, shrug and tell them the truth

‘Oh, they just pop up on their own!’


Lots of laughs have been born

From some of the puns I’ve dished

Other puns make my friends

Feel rather punctured and punished


(See what I did there?)

Armed with a random wit

And a zest for words

I do tend to banter on a bit

(Even in my very own verse)


Why don’t I ever stop this occupation?

Well, I’ve made it my personal mission

To spread everyday small chortles or giggles

With each new ridiculous, absurd quibble.


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