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We Hunt Again, Mon Ami

A little Belgian man,
Just over my height
With an egg shaped head
You could spot from miles,
Armed with a ‘stache
Like England’s never seen
He makes me smile
When he says ‘mon ami‘.
He’s obsessed with order
And a methodical mind
You can’t try and keep a secret
That he cannot find.
You’ll find no match
For his magnificent brain,
His ‘little grey cells’
Invariably win the game
Sometimes all it takes
To bring me home
Is the one and only
Hercule Poirot.

It feels nice to write in here after 6 months! Admittedly, my inner bard is a little rusty, but one must start somewhere, non? I was watching the David Suchet adaptation of Curtain and memories of our beloved moustachioed detective came flooding back…that’s what inspired the little verse above. 🙂

[Speaking of moustachioed, here’s what comes up when you Google the word –

Made me smile. 🙂 ]

Until next time, (soon I hope)

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