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Big Little World

With paintbrushes out

I sit down and I paint a scene

The sun’s a spider

And the grass is bottle green

I draw apples and a pink swing

Hanging from a tree

A summer day

Belonging to me.

When you’re five

The sky is any color that you want

I’d paint a kangaroo yellow

And make ducks and cotton swans

It doesn’t matter

If there are no words to the song

It could be anything

And it would belong.

The rhythm and the concept of this poem were inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)


2 thoughts on “Big Little World

  1. That’s one thing I love about young children. They’re not so worried at all about conformity. If they want to paint a horse pink, why shouldn’t it be pink? You’ve captured that very well here.

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