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sanguine soliloquy

Two sides of my brain conversing today –

The mean part of my mind is mean to the nice part. The nice part, well being nice and all, doesn’t know how to be mean to the mean part and stop it from being so mean.

Hmm…well, why can’t the nice part just be…nice to the mean part?

What do you mean?

Yeah, well, the mean part is only mean because it is afraid. It’s afraid of other people, things, or situations being mean to you, and it means to protect the nice part. It’s just going about it in the wrong way.

So you mean…I must be nice?

Yeah, be nice to yourself. Love and show yourself that there’s no need to be afraid of anything.

That does sound nice.

We’ve used the word ‘mean’ so much in this mental conversation that it has lost all meaning.

Was that another pun?


Yeah, its time for bed.

2 thoughts on “sanguine soliloquy

  1. I like that attitude! Be nice to yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t be honest about failings and weaknesses, but it does mean you have to support yourself. Otherwise, I think it’s much harder to treat others with compassion.

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