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The Life I Dream Of Often

The life I dream of often Has fiery, vivid sunsets and night walks In crisp mountain air that my breath softens, As I saunter across the lush wet grass. It has azure lakes that gleam, Tickled by the rocks I toss in, Iridescent red cherry trees by every stream Whispering in the lusty wind. It… Continue reading The Life I Dream Of Often

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Writer’s Note To Self:

Never talk about your writing ideas before you’ve actually written them down. What looks like a Van Gogh in your head becomes like the doodle you pencil down without noticing when you’re having to work at 3 a.m. Ironic how we can articulate things beautifully in text, but before which explanation brings out disheveled descriptions…


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We Can Make A Difference

Making a difference – it’s not always about changing the world overnight, or even over several nights. It is, as I’ve recently realized, doing something for the smaller worlds inside this big one. It is not about something as temporary as fame, nor is it something that needs years of time or study. Being there… Continue reading We Can Make A Difference