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Coffee Shops

I love sitting in a coffee shop, especially in the evenings. The smell of coffee wafts by, tickling your nostrils, the warm ambient light from the lamps overhead falls on the wooden tables, the handwritten chalk menus give you an old-school feeling, and there is a sense of peace like no other. So many people… Continue reading Coffee Shops

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Punctiliously Punny

Whenever I make a pun People ask if I’m high They listen to it (im)patiently And let out a long, deep sigh   ‘How do you come up with these?’ They ask me with a groan I smile, shrug and tell them the truth ‘Oh, they just pop up on their own!’   Lots of… Continue reading Punctiliously Punny

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What Some Time Of Not Blogging Taught Me

Don’t keep looking for inspiration. It will come by itself, unexpectedly and unannounced. Continuously and consciously looking for it scares it away. Don’t wait too long for it either. Sometimes, you’ve got to pick up that pen and scribble away, or let your fingers tap away on that keyboard. Even if the writing does not… Continue reading What Some Time Of Not Blogging Taught Me

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Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

My friend and I got to see the new adaptation of one of my favourite mysteries, Murder On The Orient Express last week.  The movie was enjoyable, though nitpicking me could find a few flaws as in any other book to movie adaptation… The story starts off with a generous sprinkle of comedy and laugh… Continue reading Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

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Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

Real friendship can be many things. It can be minutes, hours of comfortable silence with no words said or left unsaid. It can be just a presence, just the comfort that someone is there, and that they care even if they can’t understand. It can be laughter, and love, and being you, unapolegetically, completely you,… Continue reading Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

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Monday Musings

Between stop and step There is but one different letter. Don’t stop. Take another step at your own pace, Perhaps pause. Things will soon sidle back quietly, to better. (They always do. And they will, for you.)   Advertisements

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What Would She Say To Me?

If I met my younger self Oh, what would she say to me? To be calm, and unruffled, And to set my soul free? Would she tell me to look into the beyond To set my sight on sights much farther Than the tiny things yelling for my attention And to look sometimes at the… Continue reading What Would She Say To Me?