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Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

My friend and I got to see the new adaptation of one of my favourite mysteries, Murder On The Orient Express last week.  The movie was enjoyable, though nitpicking me could find a few flaws as in any other book to movie adaptation… The story starts off with a generous sprinkle of comedy and laugh… Continue reading Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

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Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

Ah, a crossover between two of my favourite fandoms. “It’s Christmas!” *wink* The characters of Sherlock can be divided into two types of Hogwarts students – Type A: Students decisively belonging to a house, which the Sorting Hat would declare instantly. Type B: Divergent students, whom the hat would declare are “difficult, very difficult” to… Continue reading Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

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5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

Books help in breaking the ice. When you find someone who has read and liked the same book that you have, you establish an instant connection with them. It’s a wonderful feeling to find someone with whom you can discuss the book’s plot and characters, build up theories, and share your favourite parts of the… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

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“What’s In A Name?”

Shakespeare famously said, “What’s in a name?”, but names mean quite a lot, sometimes. Some names are special because of the interesting stories behind them. Others are special because they are so creatively chosen or created that they stand out in one’s mind like Dobby among the Hogwarts elves. (Don’t mind me, I’m always making… Continue reading “What’s In A Name?”

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Your shadow looms in the torchlight, It’s a sleepless night As you feel a shiver of glee down your spine Navigating thrill and danger incarnadine. Into a web of intrigue plunged, And the mundane expunged, You sift through facts and fancies, Trying to put everything together in one clear piece. You hurtle through arcane happenings… Continue reading Deduction

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I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

I was never one for watching TV shows, really. And I always thought that modern day adaptations of a tale so old would destroy the vintage charm and appeal it held on a reader such as me who always prefers reading the book over watching the movie. So whenever anyone would praise BBC’s Sherlock to… Continue reading I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

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The Story Of My Connection With Stories

How books brought magic to my world.