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Let’s Be Friends! – A Poem

Let’s be friends. Let’s become spiders with our webs hopelessly entangled; Puppies eating from the same bowl, Pandas with the same lazy shamble, Rabbits competing to dig the most holes… Let’s be friends. Let’s be dark green vines, long and slender, Entwined round the same mahogany tree; Roots decoding the soil’s mysteries together; Closely growing… Continue reading Let’s Be Friends! – A Poem

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Nebular Nacht

I painted the pot with blue acrylic paint on a base coat of white poster paint, followed by a coat of purple acrylic paint. And then came the fun part – spray painting with a toothbrush to get the stars. 🙂

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Mountains and Metaphors

Ever since I visited Mount Titlis a few years ago, I’ve found that places with mountains are my favourite places to vacation in. They have this mysterious, impressive air about them, and their gargantuan proportions really do take my breath away. Also, I absolutely adore cold weather, so it’s easy to understand why I love mountainous… Continue reading Mountains and Metaphors

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An Ode To Winter

Look! Standing at the brow, I see seas of green Wreathed round the hillside. The sparkling clear water Of the pond down below Reflects the crimson leaves Of the nearby tree, wherein squirrels Hide their nuts. Oh, what beauty is the winter! When all is solitary and the bears do slumber; The air is sharp… Continue reading An Ode To Winter

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We preserve food, don’t we? How about trying to preserve something Bigger?

Undoubtedly, Our earth is one amazing planet. Undoubtedly, The earth is a dot in the canvas of the galaxy, In this unimaginably huge universe, Swirling around for aeons. Undoubtedly, This unimaginably huge hotel, Has many more rooms. Galaxies that we may never know about. Or see. Or count. Or measure. Maybe, these galaxies also host… Continue reading We preserve food, don’t we? How about trying to preserve something Bigger?