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The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

Here are a few pictures I took of the rain this afternoon… 🙂 Rain during summer afternoons has to be one of the best kinds of rain. The sunshine falling on your skin is warm, and the air surrounding you is cold; everything is brightly lit and is yet hazy because of the water rushing… Continue reading The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

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“It’s an awfully big sky not to share.”

Summer holidays are finally here and I’m so glad to be able to blog again after those hectic weeks of prepping for finals and then writing them… The summer skies are just beautiful! Here are a few pictures I’ve taken over the past week of the skies. The sky takes on the semblance of a… Continue reading “It’s an awfully big sky not to share.”

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Mountains and Metaphors

Ever since I visited Mount Titlis a few years ago, I’ve found that places with mountains are my favourite places to vacation in. They have this mysterious, impressive air about them, and their gargantuan proportions really do take my breath away. Also, I absolutely adore cold weather, so it’s easy to understand why I love mountainous… Continue reading Mountains and Metaphors

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Solitude – Pictures After The Rain

It had just stopped raining, and when I came out, I just couldn’t resist taking pictures of my rain – wetted surroundings. It was calm, peaceful and everything felt so solitary outside. 🙂 And the plants and trees looked so fresh. I wish I had my camera then, instead of my phone, but I still got great… Continue reading Solitude – Pictures After The Rain

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We preserve food, don’t we? How about trying to preserve something Bigger?

Undoubtedly, Our earth is one amazing planet. Undoubtedly, The earth is a dot in the canvas of the galaxy, In this unimaginably huge universe, Swirling around for aeons. Undoubtedly, This unimaginably huge hotel, Has many more rooms. Galaxies that we may never know about. Or see. Or count. Or measure. Maybe, these galaxies also host… Continue reading We preserve food, don’t we? How about trying to preserve something Bigger?