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The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

Here are a few pictures I took of the rain this afternoon… 🙂 Rain during summer afternoons has to be one of the best kinds of rain. The sunshine falling on your skin is warm, and the air surrounding you is cold; everything is brightly lit and is yet hazy because of the water rushing… Continue reading The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

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Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres

Dear non-bespectacled friends, Hello there. I wear glasses, glasses a few millimeters thick, and while I don’t think of it as a disability, it makes me mighty uncomfortable if you’re judgmental and you do. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since I was a kid, and my lenses’ power has kept increasing over the years. Each… Continue reading Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres

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Keeping it simple, silly!

Sometimes, I plan something so wonderfully complex and grand that when it actually works out as planned, it just falls flat. I don’t feel as satisfied as I thought I’d be. This, as I realized today, is because the joys of life are etched brighter in  simple things. When we keep it simple, we don’t… Continue reading Keeping it simple, silly!

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Happiness is Within You

I discovered today that there isn’t any need to search for happiness everywhere, because it really does come from within. 🙂 Today, in class, my teacher looked in my direction and said, “Come up and write the reaction on the blackboard.” So I stood up, walked over to the dais and looked at him expectantly,… Continue reading Happiness is Within You