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Every phenomenon in the universe has numbers woven into it. Sometimes we can see them, and sometimes we can’t. But we define ourselves by these numbers, these squiggly characters that we see written everywhere we look – from the calorie count on the pizza menu to the calculations in my physics book. For some state… Continue reading Numbers

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The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

Here are a few pictures I took of the rain this afternoon… 🙂 Rain during summer afternoons has to be one of the best kinds of rain. The sunshine falling on your skin is warm, and the air surrounding you is cold; everything is brightly lit and is yet hazy because of the water rushing… Continue reading The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

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Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres

Dear non-bespectacled friends, Hello there. I wear glasses, glasses a few millimeters thick, and while I don’t think of it as a disability, it makes me mighty uncomfortable if you’re judgmental and you do. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since I was a kid, and my lenses’ power has kept increasing over the years. Each… Continue reading Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres

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Keeping it simple, silly!

Sometimes, I plan something so wonderfully complex and grand that when it actually works out as planned, it just falls flat. I don’t feel as satisfied as I thought I’d be. This, as I realized today, is because the joys of life are etched brighter in  simple things. When we keep it simple, we don’t… Continue reading Keeping it simple, silly!

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Happiness is Within You

I discovered today that there isn’t any need to search for happiness everywhere, because it really does come from within. 🙂 Today, in class, my teacher looked in my direction and said, “Come up and write the reaction on the blackboard.” So I stood up, walked over to the dais and looked at him expectantly,… Continue reading Happiness is Within You

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Staying At The Top

We struggle, we work hard and we yearn to reach the top and become ‘somebody’. What really happens when you actually reach the top? You struggle to remain there. Suddenly, you are faced with the compulsion to earn the label of consistency. If you don’t perform all that well again, what will people say? They… Continue reading Staying At The Top

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Be You

If you are with a group of friends and you find yourself being quiet or extra loud, or getting contradicted for most things you do or say, or embroidering your tales with extras to get a good reaction from them, stop. You aren’t being yourself. You are a boundless, infinite, and interesting person. Everyone is.… Continue reading Be You