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Coffee Shops

I love sitting in a coffee shop, especially in the evenings. The smell of coffee wafts by, tickling your nostrils, the warm ambient light from the lamps overhead falls on the wooden tables, the handwritten chalk menus give you an old-school feeling, and there is a sense of peace like no other. So many people… Continue reading Coffee Shops

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Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

Real friendship can be many things. It can be minutes, hours of comfortable silence with no words said or left unsaid. It can be just a presence, just the comfort that someone is there, and that they care even if they can’t understand. It can be laughter, and love, and being you, unapolegetically, completely you,… Continue reading Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

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Monday Musings

Between stop and step There is but one different letter. Don’t stop. Take another step at your own pace, Perhaps pause. Things will soon sidle back quietly, to better. (They always do. And they will, for you.)   Advertisements

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17 Things I learned while I was 17

Make peace with imperfection. Your desire to be happy and your desire for perfection in everything are in as much harmony as a cat and a mouse in the same house. All of us have times when we make completely ridiculous mistakes, and it is important to accept that these are a part of the… Continue reading 17 Things I learned while I was 17

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Hello, 2016!

So it’s a brand new year with a whole lot of possibilities round the corner! My New Year resolution is not so much a resolution as a reminder, a phrase that I hope to carry with me every step of the way, and not just for this year. I say hello to fearless growth. I’m… Continue reading Hello, 2016!

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An Ode To Winter

Look! Standing at the brow, I see seas of green Wreathed round the hillside. The sparkling clear water Of the pond down below Reflects the crimson leaves Of the nearby tree, wherein squirrels Hide their nuts. Oh, what beauty is the winter! When all is solitary and the bears do slumber; The air is sharp… Continue reading An Ode To Winter

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Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres

Dear non-bespectacled friends, Hello there. I wear glasses, glasses a few millimeters thick, and while I don’t think of it as a disability, it makes me mighty uncomfortable if you’re judgmental and you do. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since I was a kid, and my lenses’ power has kept increasing over the years. Each… Continue reading Don’t Measure Me In Dioptres