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Anxiety… A Poem

Sheets of panic envelope me: A feeling of unease A sticker half-unpeeled. I cannot think. I tell myself to breathe, And think of calm things. A quiet library, a sandy beach. But my heart is thudding My brain is bolting Across a savanna I can’t map, Like freely running water from an open tap. Blindly,…… Continue reading Anxiety… A Poem

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Coffee Shops

I love sitting in a coffee shop, especially in the evenings. The smell of coffee wafts by, tickling your nostrils, the warm ambient light from the lamps overhead falls on the wooden tables, the handwritten chalk menus give you an old-school feeling, and there is a sense of peace like no other. So many people…… Continue reading Coffee Shops

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Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

Real friendship can be many things. It can be minutes, hours of comfortable silence with no words said or left unsaid. It can be just a presence, just the comfort that someone is there, and that they care even if they can’t understand. It can be laughter, and love, and being you, unapolegetically, completely you,…… Continue reading Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day