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Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

Real friendship can be many things. It can be minutes, hours of comfortable silence with no words said or left unsaid. It can be just a presence, just the comfort that someone is there, and that they care even if they can’t understand. It can be laughter, and love, and being you, unapolegetically, completely you,… Continue reading Meeting A Friend Makes For A Good Day

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Every phenomenon in the universe has numbers woven into it. Sometimes we can see them, and sometimes we can’t. But we define ourselves by these numbers, these squiggly characters that we see written everywhere we look – from the calorie count on the pizza menu to the calculations in my physics book. For some state… Continue reading Numbers

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The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

Here are a few pictures I took of the rain this afternoon… 🙂 Rain during summer afternoons has to be one of the best kinds of rain. The sunshine falling on your skin is warm, and the air surrounding you is cold; everything is brightly lit and is yet hazy because of the water rushing… Continue reading The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

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Nineteen And (Hopefully) Wiser

How to see through your birthday surprise in four steps: Fish out the red herrings. (Pun intended 🙂 ) My birthday was on a Saturday, and when my best friends started to ask me twice or thrice when I was free to meet them on Saturday, my ever mystery-loving mind started to run through all… Continue reading Nineteen And (Hopefully) Wiser

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We are all just voices, Wanting to be heard Causing so much clamor With all those muddled words. But if the world were different And if all the voices were united as one Think of its love and beauty, The sweet song that would be sung. Isn’t the universe called the ‘universe’ simply because it… Continue reading Voice(s)?

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Fluid, Not Fitting, and Felicitous

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on ‘fitting in’ – fitting in to carve out a comfortable life for oneself. Often, we try to achieve this by planning things beforehand, by painstakingly researching every detail about something we are about to undertake or somewhere we want to go, analyzing our actions and our personality repeatedly,… Continue reading Fluid, Not Fitting, and Felicitous

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Thank You, Mr. Snicket, For My Very Favourite Dictums

About a year ago, my best friend introduced me to Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. The two books of the series that he had lent me lay untouched for about two months, until I started reading it because I had no other new books to read. And boy, was I hooked! I finished… Continue reading Thank You, Mr. Snicket, For My Very Favourite Dictums