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I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

I was never one for watching TV shows, really. And I always thought that modern day adaptations of a tale so old would destroy the vintage charm and appeal it held on a reader such as me who always prefers reading the book over watching the movie. So whenever anyone would praise BBC’s Sherlock to… Continue reading I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

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Holiday Lessons :-)

Tomorrow is the last day of my holidays (76 holidays to be precise, says the Thomson in me). As I look back on them now, I think they were pretty fun. It was a vacation of firsts, really – I did so many things for the first time. I held a guitar in my hands for… Continue reading Holiday Lessons 🙂

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Fluid, Not Fitting, and Felicitous

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on ‘fitting in’ – fitting in to carve out a comfortable life for oneself. Often, we try to achieve this by planning things beforehand, by painstakingly researching every detail about something we are about to undertake or somewhere we want to go, analyzing our actions and our personality repeatedly,… Continue reading Fluid, Not Fitting, and Felicitous

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I’m in the Middle

I’m confused as to whether I must look into the past or into the future. Things are constantly changing, and I doubt if I will ever be who I was a few years ago. People who were predominantly present in my past have changed too, and I doubt if I will share the same connections… Continue reading I’m in the Middle