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We Hunt Again, Mon Ami

A little Belgian man,Just over my heightWith an egg shaped headYou could spot from miles,Armed with a ‘stacheLike England’s never seenHe makes me smileWhen he says ‘mon ami’.He’s obsessed with orderAnd a methodical mindYou can’t try and keep a secretThat he cannot find.You’ll find no matchFor his magnificent brain,His ‘little grey cells’Invariably win the gameSometimes…… Continue reading We Hunt Again, Mon Ami

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Coffee Shops

I love sitting in a coffee shop, especially in the evenings. The smell of coffee wafts by, tickling your nostrils, the warm ambient light from the lamps overhead falls on the wooden tables, the handwritten chalk menus give you an old-school feeling, and there is a sense of peace like no other. So many people…… Continue reading Coffee Shops

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“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.”

Since I’m an only child, it’s not hard to see why I love my friends so much. My best friends are like siblings to me, and it’s fun to have family that you have chosen, who have different upbringings and different experiences, yet with so many things in common. But I also adore the concept…… Continue reading “I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.”

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The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

Here are a few pictures I took of the rain this afternoon… 🙂 Rain during summer afternoons has to be one of the best kinds of rain. The sunshine falling on your skin is warm, and the air surrounding you is cold; everything is brightly lit and is yet hazy because of the water rushing…… Continue reading The Sun And The Rain Came By Together

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5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

Books help in breaking the ice. When you find someone who has read and liked the same book that you have, you establish an instant connection with them. It’s a wonderful feeling to find someone with whom you can discuss the book’s plot and characters, build up theories, and share your favourite parts of the…… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

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Late Night Conversations

Late night conversations Bursting with secrets too pristine To be touched by the hastily revealing sunlight Soft tunes that sally into the sweet silence Of the dark night An interlude of mindfulness and calm To the din of the day. An amalgam of novelty and familiarity Sometimes keeping me whimsical and awake Sometimes lulling me…… Continue reading Late Night Conversations

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“What’s In A Name?”

Shakespeare famously said, “What’s in a name?”, but names mean quite a lot, sometimes. Some names are special because of the interesting stories behind them. Others are special because they are so creatively chosen or created that they stand out in one’s mind like Dobby among the Hogwarts elves. (Don’t mind me, I’m always making…… Continue reading “What’s In A Name?”

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Turning Points

The little things, Aren’t always little. They’re often just secret beginnings; They’re often arcane titles. A small event, One you thought was elementary, Or something that happened quite by accident Bloomed into something legendary. Tiny things, tiny things are worthwhile; They don’t often disappoint. Look back and let your face crinkle with smiles As you…… Continue reading Turning Points

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Go On A Vacation Right Where You Are

We often find ourselves caught up to our necks in work. We get anxious to complete things and compete against deadlines, and life seems like a monotonous one-way street. There is one way to stop visualizing a gloomy week and get back your inner peace that helps to calm the storms outside – going on…… Continue reading Go On A Vacation Right Where You Are