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We Hunt Again, Mon Ami

A little Belgian man,Just over my heightWith an egg shaped headYou could spot from miles,Armed with a ‘stacheLike England’s never seenHe makes me smileWhen he says ‘mon ami’.He’s obsessed with orderAnd a methodical mindYou can’t try and keep a secretThat he cannot find.You’ll find no matchFor his magnificent brain,His ‘little grey cells’Invariably win the gameSometimes…… Continue reading We Hunt Again, Mon Ami

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Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

My friend and I got to see the new adaptation of one of my favourite mysteries, Murder On The Orient Express last week.  The movie was enjoyable, though nitpicking me could find a few flaws as in any other book to movie adaptation… The story starts off with a generous sprinkle of comedy and laugh…… Continue reading Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Review

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Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

Ah, a crossover between two of my favourite fandoms. “It’s Christmas!” *wink* The characters of Sherlock can be divided into two types of Hogwarts students – Type A: Students decisively belonging to a house, which the Sorting Hat would declare instantly. Type B: Divergent students, whom the hat would declare are “difficult, very difficult” to…… Continue reading Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

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Nineteen And (Hopefully) Wiser

How to see through your birthday surprise in four steps: Fish out the red herrings. (Pun intended 🙂 ) My birthday was on a Saturday, and when my best friends started to ask me twice or thrice when I was free to meet them on Saturday, my ever mystery-loving mind started to run through all…… Continue reading Nineteen And (Hopefully) Wiser

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I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

I was never one for watching TV shows, really. And I always thought that modern day adaptations of a tale so old would destroy the vintage charm and appeal it held on a reader such as me who always prefers reading the book over watching the movie. So whenever anyone would praise BBC’s Sherlock to…… Continue reading I Want The Deerstalker Hat a.k.a I’m Sherlocked

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My Little Grey Cells Are Mad About Christie!

I’ve read 65 of Agatha Christie’s novels. I remember how the first Christie I read, Death In The Clouds, blew my mind and made me sit for half an hour doing nothing but marvelling at how skilfully the author had woven the intricate plot. I had literally suspected every single person but the culprit. The…… Continue reading My Little Grey Cells Are Mad About Christie!