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Punctiliously Punny

Whenever I make a pun People ask if I’m high They listen to it (im)patiently And let out a long, deep sigh   ‘How do you come up with these?’ They ask me with a groan I smile, shrug and tell them the truth ‘Oh, they just pop up on their own!’   Lots of… Continue reading Punctiliously Punny

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What Would She Say To Me?

If I met my younger self Oh, what would she say to me? To be calm, and unruffled, And to set my soul free? Would she tell me to look into the beyond To set my sight on sights much farther Than the tiny things yelling for my attention And to look sometimes at the… Continue reading What Would She Say To Me?

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If Time Used Boomerang

From an entirely unscientific yet imaginative perspective, what if time were personified? What if Time were to use Instagram’s Boomerang feature? Here is some nonsense verse I penned down…

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Late Night Conversations

Late night conversations Bursting with secrets too pristine To be touched by the hastily revealing sunlight Soft tunes that sally into the sweet silence Of the dark night An interlude of mindfulness and calm To the din of the day. An amalgam of novelty and familiarity Sometimes keeping me whimsical and awake Sometimes lulling me… Continue reading Late Night Conversations

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Your shadow looms in the torchlight, It’s a sleepless night As you feel a shiver of glee down your spine Navigating thrill and danger incarnadine. Into a web of intrigue plunged, And the mundane expunged, You sift through facts and fancies, Trying to put everything together in one clear piece. You hurtle through arcane happenings… Continue reading Deduction

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Milk And Cookies

Milk and cookies were always his favourite, A given on cold winter nights Sitting by the capricious fire that crackled happily, He would slowly chew the cookies in quiet delight. When he had eaten them all and drunk the milk, He would snuggle down further, and look up at the ceiling; As if he were… Continue reading Milk And Cookies

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We are all just voices, Wanting to be heard Causing so much clamor With all those muddled words. But if the world were different And if all the voices were united as one Think of its love and beauty, The sweet song that would be sung. Isn’t the universe called the ‘universe’ simply because it… Continue reading Voice(s)?