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What Would She Say To Me?

If I met my younger self Oh, what would she say to me? To be calm, and unruffled, And to set my soul free? Would she tell me to look into the beyond To set my sight on sights much farther Than the tiny things yelling for my attention And to look sometimes at the… Continue reading What Would She Say To Me?

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Late Night Conversations

Late night conversations Bursting with secrets too pristine To be touched by the hastily revealing sunlight Soft tunes that sally into the sweet silence Of the dark night An interlude of mindfulness and calm To the din of the day. An amalgam of novelty and familiarity Sometimes keeping me whimsical and awake Sometimes lulling me… Continue reading Late Night Conversations

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Turning Points

The little things, Aren’t always little. They’re often just secret beginnings; They’re often arcane titles. A small event, One you thought was elementary, Or something that happened quite by accident Bloomed into something legendary. Tiny things, tiny things are worthwhile; They don’t often disappoint. Look back and let your face crinkle with smiles As you… Continue reading Turning Points