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The Time I Kicked Back Beauty Standards In The Face

A while back, I had posted about the importance of accepting the way you look in self love. Ironically, I went through a recent phase of not being able to follow my own observation. A lot of people I met began telling me I had put on weight, but I really couldn’t see what they… Continue reading The Time I Kicked Back Beauty Standards In The Face

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Happiness Is Within You (Part Two)

A while ago, I came across a comic strip depicting a man asserting,’I want happiness!’ The other man in the comic strip erases the word ‘I’, saying that it stands for ego/selfishness, and then the word ‘want’, that stands for one’s desires. The only thing left in the speech bubble is ‘happiness.’ It is quite… Continue reading Happiness Is Within You (Part Two)

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Hello, 2016!

So it’s a brand new year with a whole lot of possibilities round the corner! My New Year resolution is not so much a resolution as a reminder, a phrase that I hope to carry with me every step of the way, and not just for this year. I say hello to fearless growth. I’m… Continue reading Hello, 2016!

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Never Stop Believing!

Okay, so I have a lot on my mind today. Why does the possibility of extraterrestrial life leave people starry eyed? Why did Newton even discover gravity? Why does the idea of travel excite us? Because they’re different. Life forms outside earth must be different. Lots of people saw apples, oranges and even buildings fall but… Continue reading Never Stop Believing!

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Who Comprehends? – A Poem and a Drawing

I’ve traveled far and wide, And met many, many people. I’ve spoken the truth, and I’ve lied. And now, I’ve stumbled onto something simple. Who knows me like the back of her hand? Who knows me to be decoded yet enigmatic? Who knows the way I rave and rant? Who knows how exactly I laugh… Continue reading Who Comprehends? – A Poem and a Drawing

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Happiness is Within You

I discovered today that there isn’t any need to search for happiness everywhere, because it really does come from within. 🙂 Today, in class, my teacher looked in my direction and said, “Come up and write the reaction on the blackboard.” So I stood up, walked over to the dais and looked at him expectantly,… Continue reading Happiness is Within You