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The Rant Of An Off-colour Adolescent

When I was seven, I read a Noddy story written by Enid Blyton. Mr. Plod, the Toyland policeman, has to spend some time recovering in the hospital, and all the other toys go out of their way to make it easier for him – they bring him flowers, greeting cards and tools. I remember wishing… Continue reading The Rant Of An Off-colour Adolescent

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My Grammar Nazism Riles Them Up

English is a pretty fluid language, and keeps evolving to keep in tune with the fast pace with which our world is changing. But even an evolved grammarian has to take notice of some typos that run amok everywhere.I mean, there is a LOT of difference between ‘He passed by now,’ and ‘He passed away… Continue reading My Grammar Nazism Riles Them Up

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Mountains and Metaphors

Ever since I visited Mount Titlis a few years ago, I’ve found that places with mountains are my favourite places to vacation in. They have this mysterious, impressive air about them, and their gargantuan proportions really do take my breath away. Also, I absolutely adore¬†cold weather, so it’s easy to understand why I love mountainous… Continue reading Mountains and Metaphors

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Hello, 2016!

So it’s a brand new year with a whole lot of possibilities round the corner! My New Year resolution is not so much a resolution as a reminder, a phrase that I hope to carry with me every step of the way, and not just for this year. I say hello to fearless growth. I’m… Continue reading Hello, 2016!