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What Would She Say To Me?

If I met my younger self Oh, what would she say to me? To be calm, and unruffled, And to set my soul free? Would she tell me to look into the beyond To set my sight on sights much farther Than the tiny things yelling for my attention And to look sometimes at the… Continue reading What Would She Say To Me?

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I’ve Got Brain On The Brain

I don’t want to be too obvious, but the elaborate network nestled up in the skull, a.k.a the brain, is so very amazing. We have a whole course at college devoted to designing logic circuits, wherein we assemble electronic components to realize logical actions/decisions. It takes relatively so much time to design physically what the… Continue reading I’ve Got Brain On The Brain

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Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

Ah, a crossover between two of my favourite fandoms. “It’s Christmas!” *wink* The characters of Sherlock can be divided into two types of Hogwarts students – Type A: Students decisively belonging to a house, which the Sorting Hat would declare instantly. Type B: Divergent students, whom the hat would declare are “difficult, very difficult” to… Continue reading Which Hogwarts House Would Each Sherlock Character Belong To?

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5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

Books help in breaking the ice. When you find someone who has read and liked the same book that you have, you establish an instant connection with them. It’s a wonderful feeling to find someone with whom you can discuss the book’s plot and characters, build up theories, and share your favourite parts of the… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Books Are Amazing (Other Than What’s In Them)

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Late Night Conversations

Late night conversations Bursting with secrets too pristine To be touched by the hastily revealing sunlight Soft tunes that sally into the sweet silence Of the dark night An interlude of mindfulness and calm To the din of the day. An amalgam of novelty and familiarity Sometimes keeping me whimsical and awake Sometimes lulling me… Continue reading Late Night Conversations