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Happiness Is Within You (Part Two)

A while ago, I came across a comic strip depicting a man asserting,’I want happiness!’ The other man in the comic strip erases the word ‘I’, saying that it stands for ego/selfishness, and then the word ‘want’, that stands for one’s desires. The only thing left in the speech bubble is ‘happiness.’ It is quite…… Continue reading Happiness Is Within You (Part Two)


Talking like Jaques…oh well.. :)

No matter what life throws upon you, smile. Because, it’s your one weapon that can surprise yourself and the world in the midst of sadness and pain. Nothing is ever fixed, constant and permanent. Now, these three words mean the same, but I’m writing them to emphasize how much we think the world is. Well,…… Continue reading Talking like Jaques…oh well.. 🙂